Privacy Statement

This privacy statement applies to all activities of SYNTIX NV. SYNTIX NV is an enterprise established in Belgium. SYNTIX NV is responsible for processing the personal details you provide to SYNTIX NV

By visiting the websites of SYNTIX NV ( etc.) and using the services and/or the services offered to you by Syntix Lubricants B.V., you consent to the processing of your personal details in accordance with the terms and conditions of this privacy statement.

SYNTIX NV will observe due care when dealing with your personal details and will respect your privacy. SYNTIX NV observes the applicable legislation and regulations, of which the Belgian Personal Data Protection Act is particularly important. 

If, for example, you use the websites or services of SYNTIX NV or purchase products from it, your personal details may be processed. This is because in order for SYNTIX NV to be able to deliver services or products to you, it will require your personal details, i.e. your initials and surname, your address details, date of birth, gender, telephone number and e-mail address.

SYNTIX NV will not provide your details to third parties except in the cases referred to below. SYNTIX NV may need to use the services of third parties, in which case SYNTIX NV is required to provide your personal details to those third parties concerned. Furthermore, SYNTIX NV will provide your personal details to third parties if SYNTIX NV considers this necessary by virtue of applicable regulations.

Your personal details will be used exclusively for the purposes described below:

  1. 1.    All activities connected with the professional description of SYNTIX NV; consequently, personal details are used in the sale and delivery of the products and services offered by SYNTIX NV via its website and other channels.
  2. 2.    Promotional purposes.
  3. 3.    Testing purposes.
  4. 4.    The administration of the details of past customers and possible future customers.
  5. 5.    Sending offers, newsletters and other information in connection with the sale of products/the offer of services by SYNTIX NV and the performance of analyses such as customer satisfaction surveys.

Personal details are stored in the database of SYNTIX NV That database is accessible exclusively to staff of SYNTIX NV., insofar as such access is required for the performance of their duties.

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